2015 Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Scholarship Winner!

Rady Undergraduate Advising is pleased to announce Megha Lambah is the winner of the 2015 Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Scholarship. Megha is a Management Science major with a minor in accounting. She will be honored at a luncheon on May 13th hosted by the IIA. Congratulations Megha!



The Vision Behind EcoQube – An Interview with UCSD Undergraduate Student Entrepreneurs


Check out the interview with the EcoQube team about their forays into the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Kevin Liang (Ecology, Behavior & Evolution Major), Co-Founder/ CEO
  • Eric Suen (Economics Major), Co-Founder
  • Ryan Morimoto (Chemical Engineering Major, Business Minor), VP of Marketing & Sales
  1. What is your business and how did you get you get started?

We create desktop ecosystems for people to enjoy in homes, schools, and offices.

We started the business when we were in high school, but it wasn’t the same business as the one today. We started off breeding and selling rare shrimps to aquarium hobbyists online. As we got more familiar with the aquarium hobby by working at great fish stores and participating in online forums, we were able to do aquarium installations for people in their homes and offices. This was when ADI (Aqua Design Innovations) got started.

  1. What is it like starting your own business?

It was very fun when we started. We were amazed that people would pay us to set up tanks, something that we loved to do, for money. We were able to buy equipment and set up tanks that we wouldn’t have been able to afford for ourselves. This was the exciting part for us.

We tried to do the same aquarium installation business that we had success with in San Francisco in San Diego. “We’re in La Jolla! People would love tanks here!” Of course, things don’t always go as planned. We went door to door trying to get people, firms, and businesses to set up an amazing aquarium with no luck. We eventually changed the business into an online retailer for fish, plants, and equipment – something we had sources to due to our installation business.

  1. What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your own business?

I think the most challenging thing in the beginning is figuring out the right things to do.

  1. What steps did you take to expand your business?

ADI is where it is today because we decided to take a leap of faith on Kickstarter. When the first one did well, it was very surprising and opened up a lot of opportunities for us.

  1. What are your future goals with your business?

Our goal with the EcoQube is to not only bring a piece of nature to your desktop, but also to educate people about aquaponics and ecosystems. We think aquaponics is the future of agriculture and will solve many problems that our world faces: fresh water shortage, chemicals in our food, and over usage of land for farming.

  1. What classes at Rady have you found to be the most valuable?

MGT164: Organizational leadership and MGT106: Sales/ Sales management. Organizational leadership helped me learn who I am as a leader. I learned what my style is, who influenced me, and how my interactions with other people are be interpreted. I learned the difference between rationalization and emotion, and how they both play a role in leadership.

The sales class taught me the importance of negotiation and impressions you leave with people. Negotiation occurs in business on all levels including negotiating with your coworkers, boss, and customers. I learned how successful business are built over lasting relationships and partnerships, so the impression you leave with other businesses is very important.

  1. What resources on and off campus have helped you start your business?

We used a lot of the resources provided by the Moxie Center.

Books have also played an important role to the way we think. We read The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris and also listen to his podcasts.

  1. What qualities do you look for in a business partner?

The most important thing is to find someone who is passionate and excited about the business and is willing to spend a lot of time on the business.

  1. What piece of advice would you give to someone starting their business?

Don’t lose the passion. Set a vision, surround yourself with the right people, and love your job.

  1. Where can we learn more about your business?

You can see more here:


Interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and innovation? Take a look at our new Rady Undergraduate minor starting in the fall of 2015: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor.

National Investment Banking Competition 2016

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National Investment Banking Competition 2016

We would like to invite Undergraduate and Graduate students to compete in the 2016 National Investment Banking Competition. Over the past six years, NIBC has grown to become the most prestigious finance competition in North America. The principle focus of the Competition is to provide students with the opportunity to learn and apply practical skills relevant to investment banking on an international stage and in front of senior industry professionals. The Competition aims to exhibit a realistic scenario where students will gain insight into the daily responsibilities of both junior and senior investment bankers. Finalists will have the chance to present their work in a live pitch to a panel of judges comprised of Managing Directors from leading North American investment banks, while competing for a $15,000 prize pool.

Last year, 379 teams from over 100 universities across North America, Asia, and Europe participated including:

U.S. Partners: Wharton, NYU (Stern), Yale, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago (Booth), Cornell (Johnson), Dartmouth College (Tuck), Duke (Fuqua), UC Berkeley (Haas), UCLA (Anderson), Northwestern (Kellogg), Michigan (Ross)

Canadian Partners: Western Ontario (Richard Ivey), McGill (Desautels), University of Toronto (Rotman), Queen’s University, University of Waterloo, UBC (Sauder)

International Partners: Oxford, Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, HEC Paris, Nyenrode Business Unviersity

Competition registration will commence on May 11, 2015 and the First Round will take place in September 2015. For more detailed information about the Competition, please review the NIBC 2016 Competition Overview or visit our website.

NIBC 2016 – Competition Overview

New Minor – UCSD Undergrads Can Now Study Entrepreneurship at Rady


The Rady School of Management has launched a unique undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship and innovation at UC San Diego.

The new minor will begin in the fall and offer undergraduates the opportunity to learn about how startups are created and how established businesses innovate. Required courses will include “Innovation to Market,” in which students learn the startup process and develop business plans, and “New Venture Finance,” a course which examines how innovation is funded.

This is the third undergraduate minor offered by the Rady School, which already offers minors in business and accounting. These are currently the most popular minors on the UC San Diego campus, with approximately 1,200 undergraduates enrolled in business and 500 in accounting each year.

“We expect this new entrepreneurship and innovation minor to be as popular as our other minors, with several hundred undergraduates, especially students from the engineering and biological studies areas, selecting the minor,” said Clark Jordan, assistant dean of undergraduate programs at the Rady School.

Since its founding a decade ago, the Rady School has distinguished itself with a concentration in innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration, with many MBA graduates starting new companies.

Check out the article here:


Rady School of Management Launches Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Rady School of Management Launches Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego today announced it has launched a new undergraduate minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The new minor will begin in fall 2015 and will offer undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain a breadth of understanding of business and entrepreneurship theory, practice and applications. Students will develop a comprehensive view of innovation and operations of both established businesses and startups, gain hands-on experience through projects and case studies, collaborate with peers to foster leadership and conflict resolution skills and have the opportunity to cultivate and expand their existing business ideas. The minor is unique to the University of California system, as no other UC school has a similar program at the undergraduate level.

This is the third undergraduate minor offered by the Rady School, which also offers a minor in business and a minor in accounting. The Rady School’s current minors are the most popular on the UC San Diego campus with approximately 1230 undergraduates enrolled in the business minor and 510 in the accounting minor per year.

“We expect this new Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor to be as popular as our other minors, with several hundred undergraduates, especially students from the engineering and biological studies areas, selecting the minor,” said Clark Jordan, assistant dean of Undergraduate Programs at the Rady School.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor differs from the existing business minor in that it focuses on entrepreneurship rather than general business management. The cornerstone of the minor is a required two-course entrepreneurship practicum sequence entitled “Innovation to Market,” in which students will pitch their ideas to classmates, form teams around the most viable ideas, walk through the new venture process including a professional business plan, present a short “elevator pitch” and a comprehensive presentation tailored to target investors, clients, key customers and employees. In addition, students are required to take New Venture Finance, a course which examines how innovation is funded and the life cycle of a new venture, from development to exit. Other required courses include Product Marketing and Management, and Personal Ethics at Work or Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, students will select two electives from a list of Rady School courses as well as approved engineering and biology courses.

“The Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor will serve as an enriching addition to general education and major requirements to a broad cross section of the UC San Diego undergraduate population.  [The minor] will not only benefit current students who wish to develop entrepreneurial abilities, but also be an additional attraction for prospective students who are considering applying to UC San Diego,” said Gila Zanelli, program director of Undergraduate Education at the Rady School. “Looking more broadly, the appeal of this minor could benefit other departments on campus that are trying to attract top-ranked applicants with broad academic and professional career interests.”

Link to press release: http://rady.ucsd.edu/News/releases/Release.aspx?ID=745

Rare Opportunity with Franchise Tax Board – Apply to be a Student Assistant!


The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) office here in San Diego is currently looking to hire a Student Assistant. The Student Assistant position will provide public counter assistance to taxpayers and/or legal representatives that come into the office to resolve personal income tax (PIT) and business entity (BE) account liabilities. The Student Assistant may also work in desk collections.

This is a great opportunity to learn about FTB tax systems/processes and “get your foot in the door.” We do not typically hire Student Assistants so this is a very unique opportunity. Here is the link to the position:


Brain-Machine Interfaces: Non-invasive measurements of neural signals – May 8th, 12:30PM at The Basement


Casual Conversations with Professor Todd Coleman

Brain-Machine Interfaces: Non-invasive measurements of neural signals

May 8th, 12:30PM at The Basement

Why Attend?

Interested in brain-machine interfaces.

Curious about faculty & student entrepreneurial endeavors.

Want to learn how to take your product to market in a cost effective way.

Discuss how Todd is helping to engage youth with creative STEM products.

RSVP via Port Triton

The Basement is located in Mandeville B202. This center launched in February and we have a unique Seekers program that allows students interested in entrepreneurism/intrapreneurism to come in an explore with like-minded individuals.

In particular, this Friday we have Professor Todd Coleman speaking in a casual brown bag lunch setting (see flyer attached). He will describe some of the amazing projects he is working on including the foldable, stretchable electrode arrays along with a “Fun Box” that allows youth to get excited about STEM careers. Students will also be able to ask him questions in a comfortable setting. Students may RSVP through Port Triton at http://career.ucsd.edu.

We look forward to meeting new entrepreneurs at The Basement. For questions, students may contact thebasement@ucsd.edu.

Check out the flyer: Brown Bag with Todd Coleman- 5 8 15


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