Rady StartR Seeking Undergraduate Interns – Elective Credit for Business or Entrepreneurship Minor (FA17, WI18)


Entrepreneur Internship with Rady StartR

This internship focuses on supporting a startup company in the Rady StartR Accelerator program. The internship program concentrates on advanced lean startups and customer development principles. The intern will receive hands on experience focus on the steps and process to develop a new venture. Interns will work with faculty and graduate student teams in developing their business ideas. This hands-on internship covers the techniques and methods to launch a startup.

These objectives will be accomplished through a series attend 5 lecture/discussions; speakers; assigned readings; and working directly with a startup team. During the workshop both in and outside the classroom, you will have a chance to meet and interact with members of the business community involved in entrepreneurial business activities as well as learn about events, incubators and resources. You are expected to be an active participant throughout the workshop. Interns will submit a report of the experience and hours worked on project.

Pursing business or entrepreneurship minor at UCSD Rady School of Management

Additional Information:
This is a 1-2 quarter commitment beginning in Fall quarter, with the option to continue through Winter. Quarters Available Fall (Oct. – Dec.), Winter (Jan. – Mar.), Unpaid and approximately 10 hours a week

Additional Documents:
Cover Letter, Unofficial Transcript

Training & Supervision:
The intern will be directly supervised by a alumni or graduate student team and the two faculty running the program.

Job Function:
Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Learn more about this opportunity:

Minor Credit:
Students in the Business Minor or Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor can get elective credit for this AIP197 internship opportunity (up to 4 units). Students should follow the same process as a standard AIP for minor credit. More information on getting credit for AIPs here.


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