SP17 English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD) program at UC San Diego Extension for non-native English speaking students

With the ever increasing number of non-native English speaking and international students on campus, the evening courses in the  English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD)program are especially valuable and tailored to assist those students seeking to improve their English language skills in four core areas: Academic & Business Writing, Conversation & Oral Presentation, Grammar & Vocabulary, and Pronunciation & Fluency.
Please find the new SP17 English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD) flyer attached which lists classes, days, times, and costs. Classes begin on Monday, April 10, 2017.  I hope you can distribute this information by whichever method you deem best to all potentially interested non-native English speaking students. Please let me know if you need any more materials or if you would like me to send over a few paper copies as well. I very much appreciate all the help you are willing to give me to get the word out about my program and classes and any other way that I can assist or provide anything more, please let me know.
Courses that tend to be most useful for international students are:
Please remember that UC San Diego full-time matriculated students are eligible for:
  • 10% discount of up to $50 per quarter (proper ID must be presented in person at time of enrollment)


More Info on the attached flyer: SP17-4007 EAPD Flyer (1)


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