Invitation to participate in the Spring Graduate Human Rights Forum

A message from UCSD’s Human Rights Program and the Center on Global Justice:

We are pleased to announce a forum showcasing graduate student research on human rights.  We invite researchers from across disciplines to workshop their ongoing projects and network with other students and faculty focused on these topics.  We are thinking very broadly about the human rights frame here, so would include work on genocide, transitional justice, state violence, memory, and justice.
The forum will take place Friday April 28 and will be an all-day event with a hosted lunch.  We will ask students to present a 15 minute summary of their project.  Please note that we are inviting students at all stages of their project, from beginning formulation to dissertation writers. Please send this call to students who are working on similar topics to get some feedback from our faculty and peers.
We are also planning an ongoing graduate student writing workshop, which will provide a small stipend to encourage student participation.  More information will be available at the forum.
To participate, have the graduate student send a one paragraph abstract to Nancy Postero, by April 7th.  If they have questions about whether their topic would fit, please feel free to contact her for further information.

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