Rady[X]: The Future of Product Innovation

Dear UCSD students & Rady business minors,

Cisco, IBM, Illumina, GoPro & Google will be on campus for the third-annual Rady[X] technology conference, hosted by the Rady Technology Club. This year’s event theme is The Future of Product Innovation, focusing on how successful companies utilize technology to create new and better products and services. 
We’re excited to get a rare glimpse into the product innovation conversations that happen within the walls of these well-respected companies!
The conference will run from 1 to 7pm on Friday, October 28 at the Rady School of Management.
The afternoon will consist of keynote presentations, a product fair featuring local businesses and start-ups, industry panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and a catered networking mixer.
Last year, the event brought 200 attendees to our campus. This year, our goal is to reach 300 attendees but we need your attendance to accomplish our goal. Plus, we’d be honored and proud to have a large showing of our fellow UCSD Tritons, and specifically our Rady business minors.
All are welcome. To purchase tickets, help spread the word, and learn more about our event, please visit: https://radyx.splashthat.com/

The Rady Technology Club hopes to see you at Rady[X]!


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