Apply to The Basement Program – Deadline Oct. 14th

The Basement provides collaborative innovation space for students, we are located In Mandeville Center, B202.

Every quarter students develop projects in class over a 10 week project, they collaborate and build amazing concepts within this sprint and then it ends.

We want to expand the channel and help students develop these ideas. I would like to connect with your former students and current students encouraging them to apply, please tell them to apply. I welcome any speaking or tabling opportunities to increase awareness and applications this cycle.

Accepted Basement teams are provided 24-hour access to collaboration space, 3D printers, workshops, and industry mentors. Here are some of our events below. We have open access hours Monday – Friday, 1pm – 5pm, I encourage all students to visit!

Apply to our program. Visit and click APPLY.

Basement Events-

Startup Business 101
Oct. 11 5:45PM

Taco Tuesday
Entrepreneur Talks
Oct. 18, 5:45PM

Neflix and Chill-Entrepreneurs Chillax
Oct. 19, 6:30PM

Networking 101
Nov. 1, 12:15PM

Webinar: AutoDesk Fusion 360 Workshop (T-Splines, CAD, Rendering)
Nov. 1, 4:00 PM


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