Cisco Focus Day

Cisco Focus Day
October 4th, 2016
11:00am – 3:00pm
Qualcomm Conference Center

Cisco is excited to be on UCSD campus this fall!  We will be on campus recruiting for Internship and Full-Time Software Engineering and Business Analyst positions primarily in our San Jose, CA and Research Triangle Park, NC offices.  Make sure to stop by and see how Cisco is expanding our technology solutions in the mobile, cloud, security, IT, and big data spaces – including software and consulting services.  Your career has exponential possibilities at Cisco!

We are inviting you exclusively to apply for our upcoming Cisco Focus Day on October 4, 2016!  Based on your qualifications and eligibility for the position, if you do get selected to be interviewed at this event, we will send you a confirmation email with the details of the interview time and the interview location.  This will enable you to get on our potential talent pool of candidates to be considered for positions much earlier to a career fair.

Please ensure that you apply specifically on Port Triton for this event.  Look for this:
infoIn addition, please also apply on Cisco website.  It is very pertinent that you follow these 2 steps in order to move your application quicker in the process.

Here are the links to the job postings on Cisco website.
Please feel free to go ahead and apply!

Software Engineer:

Software Engineer Intern:

Business Analyst:

Business Analyst Intern:

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