Brandes Research Associate Program


Brandes Investment Partners, L.P. (“Brandes”) will be conducting phone interviews for undergraduates in September, and they believe that Brandes offers students a unique opportunity.

Read more about the RA program:

Research Associates (“RAs”) play a key role in our firm’s investment process by supporting analysts and senior analysts in equity research activities. The day-to-day responsibilities of RAs include financial modeling, valuation, data collection, and industry analysis. More specifically, RAs gather information from annual and quarterly reports and financial databases, build and maintain spreadsheet-based financial models, perform industry analysis by distilling information from third-party research, trade journals, and other periodicals, and assist in the generation of new investment ideas. As they progress through the program, RAs who demonstrate an ability to deliver high-quality work are given increasing amounts of responsibility in the research process.

Unlike many other post-undergraduate opportunities, the Brandes Research Associate position is a four-year program. We believe that this represents a compelling opportunity for those candidates with a serious interest in professional investing. Our four-year program allows RAs to acquire broad experience in the use of various valuation techniques, in-depth knowledge of particular industries, and overall familiarity with the value approach to investing. Additionally, RAs work closely with Brandes analysts and senior analysts while also having significant interaction with both the sell side and senior executives of companies under review.

Brochure: RA Brochure 0816


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