MGT139: Accounting Information Systems – Offered Fall 2016!

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Attention Accounting Students:

Rady Undergraduate Programs will be offering a new accounting elective for the first time in the fall 2016 quarter – MGT139: Accounting Information Systems. The prerequisites for the fall quarter will be modified so that students are eligible to enroll if you are an upper division student that has completed both ECON4/ MGT4: Financial Accounting and MGT5: Managerial Accounting. (The normal prerequisites will be waived for fall 2016 quarter only).

Prerequisites = ECON4/MGT4, MGT5, and upper division standing

Important Information:

  • Earn 4 units toward CPA educational requirements!
  • Meets: Thursdays 5:00pm – 7:50pm at Rady (OTRSN 1S114)
  • Section ID: 884024
  • Instructor: Professor Johan Perols

If you are interested in taking MGT139 in the fall 2016 quarter, then reply to this email with your name and PID and request to be pre-authorized.

Why study Accounting Information Systems?

  • It’s a subject covered on the CPA exam!
  • Sought after knowledge by accounting firms
  • Makes you a competitive candidate to recruiters

What is Accounting Information Systems?

Accounting Information Systems is a system of collecting, storing and processing financial and accounting data that is used by decision makers. An accounting information system is generally a computer-based method for tracking accounting activity in conjunction with information technology resources. The resulting financial reports can be used internally by management or externally by other interested parties including investors, creditors and tax authorities. Accounting information systems are designed to support all accounting functions and activities including auditingfinancial accounting & reporting, managerial/ management accounting and tax. The most widely adopted accounting information systems are auditing and financial reporting modules. (source)

MGT139: Accounting Information Systems will cover the following key concepts:

  • Understanding of transaction cycles (e.g., sales orders and purchase orders)
  • Processing steps and internal controls
  • Developing flowcharts
  • Processing transactions in a manual accounting information system
  • Analyzing transaction data using Microsoft Excel

Undergraduate Programs
Rady School of Management
University of California, San Diego



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