HACK UCSD: May 13-14th


What is HACK UCSD?
HACK UCSD is a 24-hour marathon of software and hardware innovation. Held at
UCSD’s largest venue, RIMAC Arena, non-graduating, UCSD students will have the
opportunity to dust-off old ideas, add the finishing touches to current projects, or
try something completely new, all while competing for over $15,000 in prizes.
Organized by a group of individuals with a strong belief in UCSD’s entrepreneurial
spirit, HACK UCSD is the launchpad to your imagination.

Who can participate?
Hack UCSD is open to current UCSD undergraduate and graduate students. We
encourage students of all majors to work together. Often times, it is the outsiders
with the ideas that change the world.

What are teams?
Teams are made up of up to 4 UCSD students.

What kind of projects are you looking for?
Our judges will be scoring projects based on Functionality, Innovation, Design, and
the Team’s promise. The top projects will have shown a prototype that’s well
thought-out, has a particular market in mind, and is backed by an agile, bright, and
passionate group of hackers.

Along with third party (sponsor) prizes, the top 3 teams will be welcomed into the
Qualcomm Institute Innovation Center, an incubator that includes 24-hour access to
workspace, mentorship, legal services, and $5000 of in-house credit.

What if I don’t have a team?
This March, UNISEM will be hosting team formation and ideation events geared
towards helping you find people to work with and refining your ideas for products.

I have another question?
Send us an email at hackucsd@gmail.com or send us a Tweet @HACKUCSD.

Check out the flyer here: HACK UCSD – FAQ

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