Compass Required: Career Guidance from a UCSD Engineering Grad

FREE talk about career advice on March 24, 2016!

Babak Forutanpour was a good boy, listened to his parents, and studied Engineering at UCSD. He followed his undergraduate education with two more years at UCLA and achieved a Master degree. Yet, he entered the working world feeling completely unprepared. Sound familiar?

Over the past 20 years of his career, Babak has had woes, epiphanies and triumphs. Through it all, he has identified what he feels is essential to finding success in the workforce. The answer: a compass. But not just one: five to be exact. These compasses have guided him in many ways, showing him opportunities and bringing him career success. But, he doesn’t want to keep them a secret. Attend this opening career session and find the direction you have been looking for.

Babak Forutanpour has over 22 years of experience as a software engineer, designing, developing and managing technical systems that delight. His research at Qualcomm has been awarded over 90 patents and his work as founder of employee-run innovation program, FLUX, has been recognized by former and current CEOs as having made a positive impact. He has served as VFX Technical Director at Disney and Warner Bros. for four Hollywood feature films. He recently led a successful Kickstarter that landed a deal with a Shark from ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

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