Part Time Internship Opportunity in San Diego

Attention Rady Undergraduate Students:

David Corsi, President of Oceani Global and a guest speaker in undergraduate classes is seeking an intern. Below are the details of the position:

  • 6-8 hours per week (no specific time- work around your schedule)
  • Solana Beach office 300 yards from the beach
  • Working with Footwear and Apparel sourcing partners in China
  • Putting together spread sheets on pricing and development projects
  • Looking over footwear and apparel samples
  • Being involved in development of these products
  • Emailing and working with suppliers in China, Mexico and Vietnam Shipping merchandise to customers
  • Will teach this person the entire development process for footwear and apparel (will be working with a 30 year veteran in the footwear and apparel business that has worked with Nike, Converse, New Balance and Skechers etc)
  • Will work with designers in San Diego, Miami and Hong Kong After 6 months if the applicant does a satisfactory performance, the owner will take this intern for 10-12 days to meet all suppliers in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam:  All expenses paid Looking for an upward mobile person to fill this spot

Interested? Send your resume to:


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