Marketing – Communication Assistant, Paid Part-Time Job

Marketing – Communication Assistant  – Job Posted to Port Triton ID No: 812454.

Needed: Student for part time job/project

Project Overview:
Assist in developing and implementing basic internet communication tools to present for sale a luxury coastal high end home directly to potential buyers in mainland China. No experience necessary.

Project Activities:
1. Assist in modifying existing property video including translating and voice over in Chinese.

2. Searching for Chinese web sites and other Chinese specific social media sites and activities to present video and property information.

3. Translate Chinese sites (usually verbally) to property owner. For example

4. Develop or assist property owner’s creative designer in developing a web site, art for other Chinese social media and video modification.

5. Other activities and projects as information and opportunities are discovered.

Job Requirements:
1. No previous real estate or experience required. Property owner is seasoned businessman with marketing experience and has traveled to mainland China numerous times. He also has management employees in Taichung, Taiwan to assist if necessary.

2. Speak and write fluent Chinese; probably as a first language

3. Speak and write in English at a reasonable level; not necessarily perfect.

4. Have lived in mainland China

5. Must reside in San Diego area or be in area for most of the time through February 2016

6. Social media competent.

Cardiff, California just off Interstate 5, 10 miles north of UCSD. However, most work can take place where student chooses.

Contact: Ron Grimes by email –


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