Scholarships for Summer/Winter Programs in Italy – Europe

Dear student,

We want to communicate to all interested candidates there is a great opportunity to participate in a scholarship program at CUOA Business School – Fondazione CUOA, in Italy – Europe.

CUOA, a private non-profit foundation, is one of the most active centers of management training in Europe, founded in 1957 and recognized by the European Union. CUOA is located at Altavilla Vicentina, in the province of Vicenza, allowing easy access to other countries such as Switzerland and France, as well as to other Italian cities (by train).

International Business School Americas (IBS-Americas) is responsible for the enrollment process and for granting scholarships reaching up to 70% of discount on the tuition fees. For this reason, undergraduate (second year and up) and graduate students from your institution are eligible and welcome to apply. The programs are offered twice a year, during the vacation (in January and in July), lasting three weeks.

We offer the following multicultural programs:

The program aims to develop essential skills in management and to create business leaderships no matter the area the participant takes part. It also allows the participant to lead managerial posts and people and to improve managerial processes with an international view.
Developing company leaders with an international view and solid managerial skills.
The objectives of the program are to enable executives to lead innovation processes inside or outside their organizations.
To develop creative spirit in the managerial context with strategic connections, and company leaders with an international view and solid managerial skills.
European companies have been showing great skill at producing products with superior quality in technology and design at the same time they strengthen their brand image in consumers’ minds. The objective of the program is to get acquainted with these companies’ best practices and reflect upon the usage of these models in other countries.
Building competitive advantage by differentiated products and well positioned brands in markets.
The program is designed to deepen knowledge in Logistics, Operations and quality control using as a reference the concept of lean manufacturing (Toyotism) applied to factories and services.
The search for competitive advantages by world class operational and logistics management excellence.

All programs are composed by lectures, mandatory company visits and seminars, and also includes optional visits to the World Trade Organization, The United Nations – European headquarters (both in Geneve) and to the Fashion District of Milan.

Check CUOA’s website in order to know more about:

• International Management & Leadership;
• Creativity, Innovation and New Businesses;
• Business Strategy & Marketing Management; and
• Operations, Logistics & Lean Management.

Ready to study abroad in Europe?

It is a great opportunity to know Italy, getting in touch with different economic powers of the world and opening up new academic and professional horizons for you. You may also visit our YouTube channel, to watch a testimonial from the North American student Ms. Justyn Li.

How to participate?

All interested candidates should contact my assistant Ms. Thaynara Antunes ( no later than November, 29th of 2015 to receive an Application Form and the Programs Brochure.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my assistant. Looking forward to your participation!

Kind regards,

Prof. Ricardo Britto, PhD

Dean of International Business School Americas
Member of the Institute of International Education (IIE)
Member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

Check out the flyer here: Scholarship Certificate Program – ITALY 2016-2017


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