Lower Div Online Class for Business Minor Credit – MGMT 4A-Basic Economics for Managers I

There is an opportunity for students to enroll in an online class for Rady business minor elective credit in the Fall 2015 quarter.

MGMT 4A-Basic Economics for Managers I is taught by Professor Peter Navarro. Below you will find a course syllabus:

UC Irvine, MGMT 4A: http://crossenroll.universityofcalifornia.edu/irvine/economics-mgmt-4a.html

Course Description:
Microeconomic principles for managers. Useful applications of basic economic principles to situations in business as well as in various professions.

Academic Planning Information:
Quarter: Instruction begins September 24, 2015
4 quarter units and lower division class
The class will be added to the academic history as UC credit and will impact the UC GPA.

If you are interested in taking this class for business minor elective credit be sure to take the class for a letter grade, earn a C- or better, and email undergrad@rady.ucsd.edu stating that you plan to take this class for business minor credit.

NOTE: Students can take a maximum of two lower division classes toward the business minor. MGT45 (or both ECON4+MGT5) counts as one lower division class and that is core/ required class.   For the second class, you can choose to take this online MGMT 4A class as an elective.  That means when you fulfill the ethics requirement for the business minor, you will have to take the upper division option – MGT166: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (not MGT16!)..

PDF of Syllabus here: MGMT-4A-syllabus

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