Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Diego – Mentorship Program

Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Diego – Mentorship Program

Through the Mentorship Program, SACC San Diego links ambitious young professionals with knowledgeable professionals and entrepreneurs. The mentorship program provides members with excellent opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures and career success. The idea is that the mentor and the mentee will meet about 5-6 times during the mentorship program.

Mentees get a chance to learn from a professional who has extensive experience in their particular field of expertise. A mentor can teach the mentee how to cope with challenges in the work place, how to make the most out of their careers, as well as realizing business ideas and goals. The relationship benefits both parties in areas such as personal growth, career development, lifestyle enhancement, goal achievement and other fields of interest agreed upon by the mentor and mentee.

The Mentorship program is held each semester and the application process starts beginning January/September. Please contact us if you have any questions. Note, participation as a mentee requires a SACC – San Diego YP membership.


Benefits to you as a mentee:

      Opportunities to discuss entrepreneurial goals and business ideas.
      Feedback on your resume.
      Dedicated guidance on your career choice.
      An opportunity to learn from an individual with experience in your field.
      Valuable advice on how to progress professionally and achieve your career goals.

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