Jacobs School of Engineering Think Tank Event – May 15 & 16

Gordon_Think Tank_2015_Flyer

The Gordon Center in the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD is holding a Think Tank with the theme “The Future of Digital Health“. This event will be held on Friday May 15th 8am – 5pm and Saturday May 16th 8am – 2pm in the Qualcomm Conference Room in Jacobs Hall (EBU I). EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS THIS SUNDAY.

Highly experienced speakers and experts from academia and industry will offer their perspectives on:

  • Diagnostic Medicine
  • Big Data
  • Mobile and global health
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Healthcare entrepreneurship
  • Preventative medicine
  • Patient care in underserved communities
  • Emerging wireless technologies

This one and a half day Think Tank is targeted for passionate individuals who are interested in integrating technology with medicine. Attendees will work together to brainstorm creative solutions to medical problems. Register today with the early bird fee and come join us! Food will be provided!  Info and Registration Link

Check out the flyers here: Gordon_Think Tank_2015_Flyer

For any questions email gordoncenter@eng.ucsd.edu


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