ArtPower! February 20 Showing of ZEIT DER KANNIBALEN (TIME OF THE CANNIBALS) – 8pm


ArtPower! Film believes that the economics/business departments at UCSD would be interested in the film we are screening and/or meal on February 20 at the Loft about young people trying to cave out a career in today’s globalized corporate world, struggling through times of economic crisis -they accept entry level jobs anywhere across the globe, neglecting their personal relationships and instead bond with their colleagues on  these overseas assignments.


This dark satire is considered the German counterpart to the American film The Wolf of Wall Street, receiving many accolades when it screened at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014. Two highly paid consultants have been touring the world’s dirtiest and most impoverished countries for years seeking to satisfy their clients’ hunger for profit. Their goal is to ascend to the company’s top echelon and finally be made partners. The unwritten company rule: they’ll need to secure their final promotion by their mid-thirties or else they’ll be sidelined. Reality exists merely as a dusty silhouette behind the windows of their air-conditioned luxury hotels.

REGULAR >> $34 Food + Movie; $10 Movie Only
SUBSCRIBER >> $29 Food + Movie; $8 Movie Only
UCSD STUDENT >> $29 Food + Movie; $6 Movie Only

Tickets can be ordered via our Ticket Order Form or via the UCSD Box Office.

Purchase by phone at 858.534.8497 or online at

Here is the link:


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