WorldQuant online Info Session – Feb. 2


WorldQuant is hosting a virtual information session on Monday, February 2, 2015 – 5-6 p.m.

Class levels:  All

Target majors: Applied Mathematics, Business Administration/Rady MBA, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering Sciences, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Science Education, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NanoEngineering, Physics, Structural Engineering.

WorldQuant is a private institutional investment management complex consisting of an international team of researchers, traders and technologists who constantly work toward ever greater quantification and automation in the development of its trading processes. Continuously evolving for ever-greater efficiency enables us to trade today the way others will tomorrow.

WorldQuant will be hosting an online webinar providing details on the WorldQuant Challenge and Quantitative Finance Research Consultant opportunities.

By attending this presentation, you will learn something about:
■ How to apply for free training classes / seminars about Quantitative finance research and modeling
■ The Quantitative finance and investment management industry
■ How to become a successful Quant in global financial markets
■ How to apply to be a Research Consultant
■ How you can get paid as a Research Consultant
■ How to get free access to our web-based simulation system that you can use to develop quantitative models
■ An opportunity for students in engineering and science to break into the financial industry

RSVP by going to

Check out the flyer here: WorldQuant Challenge Information Sheet 11-21-14


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