Young Innovator Competition is Back! Deadline is 11/28


It’s not just cash but EXPOSURE to top industry folks.

2015 Young Innovators Award Jury 
Greg Braun, Executive Creative Director, INNOCEAN USA
Peter Corbett, President and Partner, Click 3X
Jessica Peltz, Investment Director at kbs+ Ventures
Lauren Diamond Kushner, Partner and Executive Producer, Kettle
Malika Toure, creativity reporter, Advertising Age/Creativity

Young Innovator Competition is Back! Do you know a creative genius or a budding entrepreneur in the early stages of a start-up?

The Young Innovators Award recognizes forward-thinking young individuals (age 30 and under) who have demonstrated innovation, such as inventing new digital platforms, creating a groundbreaking campaign, a revolutionary product or a new product/company/platform for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize and lunch with Google.  Centered on the idea that “the hard part is done,” we encourage young talent who have already put blood, sweat and tears into work that might not have ever been seen to enter it and “cash in.”

Advertising is the business of inventing ideas, and supporting up-and-coming talent who are innovating the future of business is something The AD Club believes in whole heartedly. Help The ADVERTISING Club of New York and Google identify and recognize innovative young talent in advertising, marketing and media.

How to submit: Entrants must upload a 2-3 minute video via YouTube that demonstrates an idea that has the potential to transform storytelling, shake up a business, reimagine a Fortune 500 company or bring about real action in the name of a meaningful cause. The idea can come from anywhere – as long as it is new and fresh. Just submit the link via Google+ for a chance to win.

View last year’s winner:

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