Equilar Research Externship – 2 days during winter break

What is the Research Externship Program at Equilar?

The Research Externship Program at Equilar is designed for graduating students who are looking to begin working full-time in the summer of 2015. The Externship is with our Research department and serves as an excellent way to become more familiar with Equilar, the corporate governance and compensation analytics industry, and business/professional careers in general.

The Externship lasts over a two-day period and is unpaid. We will arrange for you to come in around mid-December, when most students are on winter break.

Recruiting for full-time, entry-level positions is already underway. If you are interested, this program will give you a big head start in the interview process. For more information on full-time opportunities, check out www.JoinEquilar.com.

What are the dates?

The Externship takes place during your winter break and is ideal for students who will be traveling home or visiting the Bay Area during this time. It is a two day program for a total of about 13 hours. We will hold the Externship during the week of December 16th – 20th, but are flexible with timing.

Who is Equilar and what does the Research team at Equilar do?

Equilar is dedicated to the idea that better leaders make better companies. Based in Redwood City, CA, Equilar’s award-winning suite of online databases is the first choice of companies seeking corporate governance and executive networking solutions. Equilar’s clients include leading human-capital consulting firms, over 1,100 publicly traded corporations (including over half of the Fortune 500), law firms, private-equity investors, search firms, executive associations and individual executives. These clients all rely on Equilar to provide insight in to the top leaders of corporate America. Also, Equilar’s work is featured regularly in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, on CNBC, and in other leading media outlets.

More information found here: Research Externship Program


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