AdClub + University of Georgia + The Creative Circus


Summer at The Circus is a partnership between the University of Georgia and The Creative Circus. Students can earn up to six hours of upper-level elective credit offered by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations while studying on-site at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. It’s an in-depth and specialized crash course in advertising creativity from one of the top portfolio schools in the country. This program is open to students enrolled in any undergrad program across the country.

You’ll be instructed by Creative Circus’ industry pros and UGA’s seasoned faculty and surrounded by other like-minded, aspiring creatives.

Last year’s Summer at The Circus was a hit – check out our blog here.
Space is limited. Apply today!

Find out more about the program

The program fee is a total of $3,500 for the eight weeks. Students who wish to earn up to six hours of upper-level academic credit offered through the University of Georgia will pay tuition and any applicable fees, in addition to the program fees.

Students enrolled in Summer at The Circus will have access to housing at Emory University.

All classes are held at:
The Creative Circus
812 Lambert Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324

Want more information on how to apply?

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