Science and Technology Admin Asst Job

Science and Technology Admin Asst / STDT 3

Job Number: 785198


This student position will support administrative staff at UC San Diego Extension. In addition, the position will also perform a variety of administrative tasks to support the academic staff.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assists in coordinating various certificate programs in the Science and Technology department
  • Answer student & instructor inquiries via phone and email
  • Assist with course/program development activities
  • Assist with the creation of marketing materials and promotional campaigns
  • Assist in market research for various certificate programs/courses
  • Create and maintain databases
  • Prepare and deliver classroom materials, as needed
  • Assist with special events as needed
  • Assist with ad-hoc  projects

How To Apply
Please email cover letter and
resume to Cyndi Hanson at

Please reference job number (#785198) and
student ID # for verification of UCSD
class registration.

If you have relatives employed at
UCSD, you must include the name,
relationship and department where
employed in your resume and/or
cover letter. This information is used
only for the purpose of complying
with the University’s nepotism policy.

Applications Accepted Until:
May 16, 2014


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