Opportunity for Pre-Law Students

UCSD’s Student Legal Services has just launched their Discover the Law program, their biggest program of the year, for students interested in the law or a legal career.

Discover the Law is an 8-week series comprised of 40 workshops on 32 different topics. About one half of the workshops explore legal topics or an area of law and a handful of workshops are panels featuring working professionals, where students can network with attorneys and explore legal careers. Popular workshops include:

  •  Choosing the Right Law School for You– The Assistant Director of Admissions from UCLA School of Law will provide insight in the many factors to be weighed when choosing a law school. This workshop is perfect for any student considering a legal career! Tues January 14th @ 10am in the PC Warren Room.
  •  Law School Admissions: Preparation and Application Process- Two Assistant Directors of Admission from California Western School of Law will discuss how to prepare for and ultimately apply for entry to law school.  Learn about the application experience, taking the LSAT, and the resources to help you pick schools and write your application essay. Thurs January 23rd @ 3:30pm in PC Green Table Room.
  •  Getting Legal Experience in Undergrad– Come hear from a panel of staff and community representatives on how to get relevant legal work experience while still in undergrad. This workshop is highly recommended to any student looking to complement their resume before starting a legal career! Monday January 27th @ 2pm in PC Warren Room
  •  A Day in the Life of a Civil Litigator- Join us for a panel discussion with civil litigation attorneys, who will offer valuable insight to the question, “What does a law firm associate do all day anyway?” Topics such as civil litigation practice, working at a law firm, handling cases, billable hours, and conducting trials will be discussed.  Thursday January 30th @ 6pm in the PC Warren Room
  •  LSAT 101- Come and learn about the Law School Admissions Test! Required for most accredited law schools in the U.S., the LSAT is a unique standardized test and unlike any other you might take. Come learn the basics of the test and learn tips on how to tackle the test from a professional LSAT prep instructor. Tuesday February 4th @ 4pm in the PC Green Table Room
  •  The Law School Experience: Years 1, 2, and 3– The Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs at USD School of Law will discuss all aspects of the law school experience including highlights from all three years, internships, externships, clerkships, working in legal clinics, on-campus interviews, finding your summer job, on-campus interviews, and more! Monday February 10th @ 3pm in the PC ERC Room
  •  What You Can Do With a Law Degree- Ever thought about going to law school, but you’re not sure you want to practice law?  Ever wondered what else you can do with a law degree besides being a civil litigation or criminal defense attorney?  Get insight into alternative career paths and professional options for those who have earned a J.D. (Juris Doctorate) degree through a panel of diverse professionals, including someone who works for a legal non-profit, an ombudsman, and a military employee. Tuesday February 25th @ 6pm in the PC Warren Room

These workshops are completely FREE to students and they can attend as many workshops as they like. If students want to earn a Certificate of Achievement, which requires attending at least 4 workshops, they are encouraged to sign up for Discover the Law on the Student Legal Services website at http://sls.ucsd.edu.

Feel free to direct questions to:

Student Legal Services

9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0034

La Jolla, CA 92093-0034

(858) 534-4374 telephone

(858) 822-4785 facsimile



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