LAUNCH Program


Jumpstart Your Entry Into the Workplace

UC San Diego has always been an innovator and leader in higher education. Now we’re paving the way to your successful bridge into the modern workplace.

The LAUNCH program is designed for full-time students who want to ensure their first step into the workplace puts them on the right path to career success. LAUNCH should be done concurrently with university study, ideally during a student’s junior and senior years.

As of Fall 2011, active undergraduate juniors and seniors have the opportunity to receive grant money to cover most course fees for most specialized and professional certificates that Extension has to offer.

Each LAUNCH student works with a coach who acts as a mentor throughout the program. The coach and student meet quarterly to identify their unique skills and career focus, develop those important “soft-skills” employers are looking for in today’s job candidates and act as a resource to services/programs to help make the difference in landing that all-important first job after graduation.

Why Take LAUNCH?
  • Jumpstart to some of the most promising jobs today
  • Practical knowledge from experts in the field
  • Learn side-by-side with working professionals
  • Document evidence of additional, focused study
  • Increase confidence through personal coaching
  • Stand out as a more competitive job candidate

This program is offered in cooperation with UCSD Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Education. The Launch program seeks to compliment a students undergraduate study and transition into the workforce upon graduation.

Applications will open soon for Winter 2014, so check the website!

Students interested in learning more about LAUNCH can email for more information.


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