Intern Abroad Opportunities

Did you know that you can receive class credit to intern in a foreign country?

UCEAP internships provide experiences that are unattainable anywhere else. Through an internship abroad you gain expert skills and confidence in the field of your choice in a global work environment, and learn to communicate and cooperate in an international work setting.

These experiences are highly valued in today’s job market. As such, UCEAP internships can be a bridge to your future career.

Programs with Required Internships

In the following programs, the internship is a required component of the program and provides most or all of the academic credit you will receive. Whether in government or in the sciences, these programs provide amazing opportunities to spend a term working side-by-side with experts in an international setting.

Programs with Optional Internships

There are also many locations in which UCEAP can arrange internships with corporate, governmental, or private organizations that take the place of a course at the host university. Programs where this process is especially well organized and opportunities are plentiful include:

To see  a full list of internship opportunities are available in all study abroad locations, refer to the list of Programs where internships are possible.

 For more information, contact the UCSD Programs Abroad Office.


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