Spotlight On: Rady Student Internships and Jobs

This is our 2nd installment of a regular blog feature about Rady undergraduate students and their internships and jobs!  We want to shine a spotlight on current students and the learning they do outside of the classroom, because often what you learn on a job is just as important as what you learn in the lecture hall.  Have an internship or job that  and want to tell other students what you’ve learned?  Contact to participate!

Today’s spotlight is…

Abhinav Mathur

Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advising Intern

What’s your major/minor?
Major – Economics
Minors – Business, General Biology

When do you plan to graduate?
June 2013

Please describe your internship:
I worked at Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advising Intern. My responsibilities included creating mutual fund portfolios for the FA’s, learning about retirement and financial planning, and creating wealth outlooks for clients.

How long have you held this position?
I began in the Spring of 2012, and was asked to stay for summer as well.

What are some valuable things you’ve learned on the job? (Can be technical skills or lessons you’ve learned about navigating the workplace)
I learned the value of time management, as the financial advisors gave me multiple projects – each with deadlines – all at once. I learned about proper communication in the business setting, and how to effectively lead a group in a project.

What’s your favorite thing about your internship?
It was great to have an internship that was focused on teaching the interns about the business place and helping them develop good business practices.

Did any courses you’ve taken help you at your internship?
MGT181 was extremely helpful, since it related the financial concepts we learned in class to a solid business model.

What are your future career goals?
I am interested in entering the financial services industry, particularly wealth management or private equity.

Thanks, Abhinav!

Did you know that an internship can count as an elective for the business minor?  With department approval, Rady can accept business-related internships students complete through UCSD’s Academic Internship Program for minor credit. The deadline to apply for the SPRING 2013 Academic Internship Program is THIS FRIDAY 2/15 — so apply now!



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