Cymer Endeavor Leadership Program

Cymer, a leading company in developing light sources will be on campus next week to discuss their new rotational program – Endeavor Leadership Program.

Speaker: Michelle Vavra and Sara Richardson (Rady alum)

Tuesday, February 12 – 5:00pm

Pizza will be served to all attendees.

Developing Leaders of the Future
Endeavor is a two-year, highly selective, rotational program that aims to develop business acumen and leadership skills through job rotations, mentoring, and leadership experiences.  Recent college graduates, both technical and non-technical, with either Bachelors or Masters degrees, will be considered to be a part of this unique experience that will enable and motivate individuals to determine their future leadership career path.

Endeavor participants will spend four months in six of Cymer’s business units, for a total of two years.  Throughout each of these rotations, participants will gain valuable experiences in leadership as well as a broad knowledge and understanding of Cymer business practices and the company culture.

Program Benefits
Executive leadership visibility
Individual mentoring
Rotational placements that provide well rounded experience and knowledge
If anyone is interested in sending a resume  and cover letter, please send to Michelle Vavra at

Cymer is the leader in developing light sources used by chipmakers worldwide to pattern advanced semiconductor chips, and is pioneering new crystallization tools for the flat panel display industry. We are Leading the Light Generation.

Innovative Leadership
Always pushing to the next generation of shrink, our light sources enable smaller, more powerful chips. A consistent investment in technology and development has supported our history of innovation.

Partners in Possibility
Using Cymer light sources to support advancements in semiconductor and flat-panel display manufacturing has enabled our customers to develop products that improve the way people work and play.

Ideas without Borders
From San Diego to around the globe, Cymer has embraced the role of advancing technology, and helping our customers do the same. Thinking beyond boundaries or limits, Cymer explores the potential of what has yet to be achieved.


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