The Bloomberg Assessment Test – February Dates

 The Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) will be coming to campus on 2/21 and 2/22.  Below you will find important information regarding the test and learn how you can use your results to further your career development.

 The goal of the BAT is to match student strengths with employer needs, so you do not need to be an expert on all sections of the test.  However, there is no negative scoring, so it is best to answer all questions.

Bloomberg has relationships with over 20,000 global companies that can access the test score data to recruit for full-time and internship opportunities.  Taking the BAT cannot negatively impact your employment search and there is absolutely nothing to lose by participating in this opportunity.

How to register for the upcoming session:

What:  Bloomberg Assessment Test (screens students for careers in finance, economics, or business) 
When: Thursday, February 21st Friday or February 22nd

Time:  9:00AM
free for undergraduate and graduate students

Click link to register: 


After taking the test, you have the option to be anonymously entered into the Employer Talent Search Database, which employers use to find candidates to fill internship and entry-level positions. You can also choose to opt out of the database. In addition, you can take the test assess where your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to others around the world.  All test results are anonymous, so you maintain control over which employers see your information.

The test is comprised of eleven sections measuring finance knowledge/aptitude and career skills. Topics include Economics, Analytical Reasoning, Math, Investment Management, and Verbal Skills.

We encourage you to use your BAT scores to enhance your resume and to post this information on your social media profiles. Highlighting your participation in the BAT will set you apart from thousands of other candidates.  You can also mention the areas of the test that you performed well on during interviews to demonstrate and reinforce your abilities to employers.


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