Investment Banking – NEW Rady Course and Workshop

Drumroll please….Rady is offering a brand new undergraduate course in Investment Banking starting Spring 2013!

MGT185 Investment Banking
Taught by Jean Dunn – Wednesdays 5:00-7:40PM
This course provides an overview of the investment banking industry including IPOs, equity offerings, debt offerings, valuation, mergers and acquisition, private equity, asset securitization, prime brokerage, sales and trading, and market making. Students will also learn about the changes in the investment banking industry since the financial crisis including Dodd-Frank as well as the rise of boutique investment banking firms. Emphasis will be on traditional corporate finance which includes equity and debt offerings as well as mergers and acquisitions.  Prerequisite: MGT181.

This course will count as a finance-track elective for the business minor.

What is Investment Banking? Lean more before you take the class…

Intro to Investment Banking Workshop
Presented by Lakshya Datta
Tuesday, February 12, 2013, from 3-4:30 p.m., at the Career Services Center Horizon Room

What is investment banking? Why does it matter? What makes the world see Wall Street as evil and greedy? In this workshop, students will learn the importance, relevance and work that an investment banker does. Students will learn how to value a private or public company using widely known methods, as well as the concepts that are relevant to a career in high finance. By the end of this workshop, students will be equipped with a basic knowledge of the skills required to make it in the industry.

Learning Outcomes –
1. Find out what investment banking is really about and if it is the career for you.
2. Identify the many ways to value a company, and describe the key differences between those methods.
3. Understand the various ways an individual or a company raises money from investors.

About the Presenter
UC San Diego alum Lakshya Datta recently started Launchora, an online platform and marketplace where users can share and monetize on their creative content. He is currently teaching a class “Introduction to Investment Banking” for credit as an Adjunct Lecturer at SDSU’s School of Business Administration, Department of Finance. He serves as the Alumni Vice President for the Financial Professionals Network at UCSD and was the President of FPN as an undergraduate. Prior to launching his own company, he worked at Objective Capital Partners and TGG Capital. Lakshya obtained a B.S. in Management Science in 2011.


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