Free Webinar: Landing Your First Job in Consulting

Free Webinar for Students
 “What Makes a Candidate Attractive: Landing Your First Job in Consulting”
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
12:00pm ET

Consulting is an excellent option for bright, creative students to begin their careers, offering great opportunities to travel, learn and grow. As a bright spot in the economy, the consulting industry is actively looking to hire a very broad and diverse group of individuals from undergraduate, MBA, PhD, engineering, law, MIS, Accounting/Finance, Liberal Arts and medical school programs, among others.

So, what makes a good student a great candidate for the consulting industry?

Hear from two seasoned consulting leaders – Carl Smith from a large consulting company, Ernst & Young and Hank Harris, the President of a small firm, FMI Corp. – talk about what they and other consulting companies look for when they interview potential new hires. In addition to strong personal attributes among candidates they are considering, consulting leaders also look for fit to their particular firm and test candidates’ abilities to show off their competencies and skills in personal and case interviews.

Join us for a unique perspective that will help you not only prepare for your job search within the consulting industry, but also the interview process over the next few months so that you can find the firm that is best suited for you…and get the job!

Visit their site to Register.


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