Research Analyst Position with The Brattle Group

The Brattle Group ( is an economic consulting firm which provides litigation support, expert testimony and advisory services. Our clients range from law firms, fortune 500 and 100 companies, to international regulatory and government agencies.

As a research analyst (RA), you will have the opportunity to work in a team environment. The RA role mainly consists of conducting research as well as performing quantitative analysis and modeling for projects. This can involve researching background information for a case, gathering data, cleaning the data, building models, running regressions, and then reporting back findings to the team to analyze how it fits into the bigger picture. By the end of your first year at Brattle, you will have learned to conduct basic research, build spreadsheets and models, and present research findings in a clear and consistent manner. You will strengthen your aptitude with data analysis and management tools as your career advances.

Our RAs have quantitative backgrounds in the following areas: economics, math, finance, or engineering. While we are a professional services firm, our culture at Brattle is collegial where staff interacts at every level. We also foster camaraderie through socializing at Friday office parties and seasonal get-togethers.

To learn more about the economic consulting industry and life as an RA, please attend our information session at the UCSD Career Services Center (Round Room) on October 8th at 5p.

Here’s a brief summary of the characteristics we’re looking for:
• Strong academic performance (a minimum GPA of 3.5) with particular emphasis on quantitative coursework (e.g. economics, math, finance, engineering, etc.)
• Great team skills – our project work is done almost exclusively on teams and it is critical that Research Analysts work well with other people
• Intellectual curiosity and quickness – we are not just looking for students who do well on coursework, but for those who consistently exhibit intellectual curiosity and creativity
• A high degree of ownership and commitment – successful Research Analysts are committed to doing what it takes to get things right and take “ownership” for their work


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