Thinking About Graduate School?

UCSD’s Career Services Center is an excellent resource for students considering grad school.  Explore their resource guide for more information and helpful links. They also offer Professional and Graduate School advising, available by appointment.  Call 858-534-4939 to set up an appointment.

MBA Programs

Thinking about a Masters in Business Administration?  US News publishes a list of top-ranked programs and offers other handy tools that can help you find a program that’s right for you.  Many MBA programs prefer students with work experience, so you may want to consider working for 2-5 years before applying.

The Rady School offers a full-time student MBA program and a part-time Flex MBA program for working professionals.  Find more information on our admissions page.

What Can I Do Now to Get Ready for Grad School?

Connect with your Professors.  Attend office hours, participate in class, ask them to serve as your mentor for an Independent Study or Academic Internship Program.  You may need to ask them for a letter of recommendation someday, so practice your professionalism when speaking with them.

Beef up your Resume.  The best way to find out if you want to pursue further education in a field is to gain experience working in that field.  Regularly check Port Triton  for jobs and internships and check the UCSD Career Services Center calendar for upcoming networking and career development events.  Apply for a for-credit internship through the Academic Internship Program (can count as a business minor elective with department approval).

 Get Involved.  Gain leadership experience and connect with peers with similar career and academic interests by joining a Student Organization.  Graduate programs look for students who have had experiences outside of the classroom.

∞ Study Abroad.  Gain a global perspective and connect with students, schools and employers in other parts of the world. Find more information on Rady’s Study Abroad information page.


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